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Farmer's Market Day

Sunday morning we all got together and walked about a mile to the Farmers Market in Santa Marta.  The market was very packed with people shopping at the different vendors.  Many farm vendors were selling the same items – tomatoes, onions, garlic and maybe cucumbers. 

The interesting part to me was the meat vendors.  They had big parts of pigs, chickens and goats displayed on the wooden counter.  People would walk up, point to a section of pig leg (for example), and the vendor would cut off a hunk then sell it to them.  No refrigeration and it didn’t look very sanitary.  We will stick to the frozen meats in our freezers. The picture is a rack of pig heads hanging from one building post.

This was a table used by one of the meat vendors.  Notice all the different meats laid out for viewing.  Nothing like the meat section at Publix!

After walking around the market for a while we all went for Lunch at Atlantatude off the main street in Santa Marta.  On the way Laura stopped at Timmy’s (Tim Hortons) and pick up a few sweets for all to share. This was one of Debbies favorite places – good food and low prices.  Another reason was this was the only place around to get a good cheeseburger with real beef.  Other places sold burgers that were made of pork.  We split a bacon cheeseburger for lunch and it was really good.  I think lunch for both of us with several drinks was about $9. The picture is Laura and D dividing up the sweets.  Don't they look happy!

Lunch was fun as other friends of Debbie walked in and joined us.  I think at one point we had about 15 people sitting around the tables we had moved together.

Later we walked back to boat for a few projects.  Laura baked dessert for dinner which D was organizing for the local boaters.  We eventually decided to have dinner on Second Wind because of the large cockpit where everyone could sit.

Debbie (La Vida Dulce), Bruce, D, Don (Southern Cross), Lynn, Jerry and James (Albatross) and Laura and I (Second Wind) had dinner on Second Wind that evening.  D made pork ribs done in the crockpot.  Other boats made side dishes or muchies.  Lots of fun with new and old friends.

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